Yearly Report 2007


Faculty Members

  • Dimitris Mitropoulos
  • Panos (Panagiotis) Louridas
  • Diomidis Spinellis

Senior Researchers

  • Georgios Gousios
  • Stefanos Androutsellis-Theotokis
  • Vasileios Vlachos
  • Vassilios Karakoidas

Associate Researchers

  • Konstantinos Stroggylos


  • Markos Gogoulos

Overview in numbers

New Publications Number
Monographs and Edited Volumes 0
Journal Articles 15
Book Chapters 2
Conference Publications 8
Technical Reports 0
White Papers 0
Magazine Articles 0
Working Papers 0
Datasets 0
Total New Publications 25
New Projects 1
Ongoing Projects 3
Completed Projects 2
Faculty Members 3
Senior Researchers 4
Associate Researchers 1
Researchers 1
Total Members 9
New Members 1
Ongoing PhDs 5
Completed PhDs 1
New Seminars
New Seminars 0

New Publications

Journal Articles

    • Vasileios Vlachos and Diomidis Spinellis. A PRoactive malware identification system based on the computer hygiene principles. Information Management and Computer Security, 15(4):295–312, 2007.
    • Diomidis Spinellis, Panagiotis Zaharias, and Adam Vrechopoulos. Coping with plagiarism and grading load: randomized programming assignments and reflective grading. Computer Applications in Engineering Education, 15(2):113–123, 2007.
    • Diomidis Spinellis and Panagiotis Louridas. A framework for the static verification of API calls. Journal of Systems and Software, 80(7):1156–1168, July 2007.
    • Diomidis Spinellis. The tools we use. IEEE Software, 24(4):20–21, July/August 2007.
    • Diomidis Spinellis. Silver bullets and other mysteries. IEEE Software, 24(3):22–23, May/June 2007.
    • Diomidis Spinellis. On paper. IEEE Software, 24(6):24–25, November/December 2007.
    • Diomidis Spinellis. I spy. IEEE Software, 24(2):16–17, March/April 2007.
    • Diomidis Spinellis. Cracking software reuse. IEEE Software, 24(1):12–13, January/February 2007.
    • Diomidis Spinellis. Abstraction and variation. IEEE Software, 24(5):24–25, September/October 2007.
    • Vassilis Prevelakis and Diomidis Spinellis. The Athens affair. IEEE Spectrum, 44(7):26–33, July 2007.
    • Panagiotis Louridas. Declarative GUI programming in Microsoft Windows. IEEE Software, 24(4):16–19, July/August 2007.
    • Dimitrios Lekkas and Diomidis Spinellis. Implementing regular cash with blind fixed-value electronic coins. Computer Standards & Interfaces, 29(3):277–288, March 2007.
    • Konstantinos Chorianopoulos and Diomidis Spinellis. Coping with TiVo: opportunities of the networked digital video recorder. Telematics and Informatics, 24(1):48–58, February 2007.
    • Damianos Chatziantoniou and Kenneth A. Ross. Partitioned optimization of complex queries. Inf. Syst., 32(2):248–282, 2007.
    • Damianos Chatziantoniou. Using grouping variables to express complex decision support queries. Data Knowl. Eng., 61(1):114–136, 2007.

Book Chapters

    • Diomidis Spinellis. Foreword. In Sulayman K. Sowe, Ioannis G. Stamelos, and Ioannis Samoladas, editors, Emerging Free and Open Source Software Practices, pages vi–vii. IGI Publishing, Hershey, PA, 2007.
    • Diomidis Spinellis. Another level of indirection. In Andy Oram and Greg Wilson, editors, Beautiful Code: Leading Programmers Explain How They Think, chapter 17, pages 279–291. O'Reilly and Associates, Sebastopol, CA, 2007.

Conference Publications

    • Vasileios Vlachos, Eirini Kalliamvakou, and Diomidis Spinellis. Simulating bandwidth-limited worms: one graph to rule them all? In Theodore S. Papatheodorou, Dimitris N. Christodoulakis, and Nikitas N. Karanikolas, editors, Current Trends in Informatics: 11th Panhellenic Conference on Informatics, PCI 2007, volume B, 151–162. Athens, May 2007. New Technologies Publications.
    • Konstantinos Stroggylos and Diomidis Spinellis. Refactoring: does it improve software quality? In Proceedings of the 5th Workshop on Software Quality (WoSQ '07), colocated with the 29th International Conference on Software Engineering (ICSE '07). May 2007.
    • Dimitris Mitropoulos and Diomidis Spinellis. Countering SQL injection attacks with a database driver. In Theodore S. Papatheodorou, Dimitris N. Christodoulakis, and Nikitas N. Karanikolas, editors, Current Trends in Informatics: 11th Panhellenic Conference on Informatics, PCI 2007, volume B, 105–115. Athens, May 2007. New Technologies Publications.
    • Georgios Gousios, Vassilios Karakoidas, Konstantinos Stroggylos, Panagiotis Louridas, Vasileios Vlachos, and Diomidis Spinellis. Software quality assessment of open source software. In Proceedings of the 11th Panhellenic Conference on Informatics. May 2007.
    • Georgios Gousios. The JikesXen Java server platform. In Companion to the 22nd ACM SIGPLAN conference on Object-oriented programming systems, languages, and applications (OOPSLA). Oct 21-25 2007.
    • Damianos Chatziantoniou and Yannis Sotiropoulos. Stream variables: A quick but not dirty SQL extension for continuous queries. In Proceedings of the 23rd International Conference on Data Engineering Workshops, ICDE 2007, 15-20 April 2007, Istanbul, Turkey, 19–28. 2007.
    • Jeff W. Boote, Andreas Hanemann, Loukik Kudarimoti, Panagiotis Louridas Luís Marta, Michalis Michael, Nicolas Simar, and Ilias Tsompanidis. Quality assurance in perfSONAR release management. In QUATIC 2007: Proceedings of the 6th International Conference on the Quality of Information and Communications Technology, 131–142. IEEE, September 2007.
    • Stephanos Androutsellis-Theotokis and Diomidis Spinellis. Ptrim: A Market-Based Approach to Managing the Risk of Peer-To-Peer. In Proceedings of the Fifth International Workshop on Databases, Information Systems and Peer-to-Peer Computing (DBISP2P 2007), in conjunction with VLDB2007, Springer Lecture Notes in Computer Science. September 2007.


New Projects

    • SOPRANO - Service-oriented Programmable Smart Environments for Older Europeans

Ongoing Projects

    • S-OMA SMART CARDS - Security in Open Multi-Application SMART CARDS
    • SQO-OSS - Source Quality Observatory for Open Source Software
    • PENED - Designing a Peer-to-Peer e-Business Transaction Processing System

Completed Projects

    • eBusinessForum - Working Group IA4 - Greek Computer Emergency Response Team (GR-CERT)
    • Iraklitos - Security Applications for Peer-to-Peer Networks

New Members

    • Dimitris Mitropoulos

Ongoing PhDs

    • Vasiliki Efstathiou Topic: Algorithms for computational argumentation in artificial intelligence
    • Konstantinos Stroggylos Topic: Automated refactoring of legacy source code and its effect on software quality
    • Georgios Gousios Topic: Tools and Methods for Large Scale Empirical Software Engineering Research
    • Stefanos Androutsellis-Theotokis Topic: Performing peer-to-peer e-business transactions
    • Vassilios Karakoidas Topic: Integrating Domain-Specific Languages with General-Purpose Languages

Completed PhDs

    • Vasileios Vlachos Topic: Security applications of p2p networks
Note: Data before 2017 may refer to grandparented work conducted by BALab's members at its progenitor laboratory, ISTLab.