eBusinessForum - Working Group IA4 — Greek Computer Emergency Response Team (GR-CERT)

Project type: RTD
Web site: http://www.ebusinessforum.gr
Starting date: 2006-09-10
Ending date: 2007-05-30

Contact: Vasileios Vlachos
Scientific coordinator: Diomidis Spinellis


ISTLab/SENSE Members participate actively in E-Business Forum. In particular, working group IA4 focused its attention in the area of "Preliminary Actions for the Establishment of the Greek Computer Emergency Response Team (GR-CERT)". GR-CERT is an initiative, which aims to provide timely notifications regarding software vulnerabilities, malware epidemics and fraud schemes. The IA4 working group focuses on non experts and SMEs not employing technical personnel and therefore all the necessary information is provided in a simple and understandable manner for the average user. Results will be published in the form of reports and will be presented in a workshop.


    • University of the Aegean - Department of Information and Communication Systems Engineering (GR)
    • GRNET - Greek Research and Technology Network (GR)