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Office address: 76 Patission Str.
Postal address: Victoria Skoularidou, Ellis 19,GR-185 46 Piraeus, Greece
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Biographical Information

Mrs. Skoularidou was born in Athens, Greece, in 1973. She holds a BSc in Applied Informatics and an MSc in Information Systems both from AUEB (Athens University of Economics and Business, Greece). During her studies she obtained a number of scholarships from several foundations and worked in projects funded by the General Secretariat of Research and Technology (GSRT) and the European Union (EU) including DEDICS (Telematics Applications Programme, EC-DG XIII), and PENED (Project No 339). Since January 2002 she is pursuing her PhD Thesis in the Department of Management Science and Technology (DMST) of AUEB, in the area of Computer/Information Security.
From July 1995 till December 1995 she was employed as Computer Programmer/Analyst and IT seminars instructor in the IT department of SIGNON Ltd.
From January 1998 till February 2003 she worked as Information Systems Analyst/Systems Engineer and later on as Technical/Project Manager in the Development Programmes Department of INTRACOM S.A, Greece directly involved in research projects funded by the EU. She participated in the co-operative research projects HyNoDe (EP 22160), and DiVAN (EP 24956) and co-ordinated projects related to e-business/e-commerce services including ACTIVE, iMEDIA, ACTIVE SME, MUSICAL . Mrs. Skoularidou has also participated in, and coordinated the proposal preparation and submission for a number of IT projects funded by the EU.
From March 2003 till May 2003 she worked as Senior Software Developer in the IT Department of ONIA-NET Electronic Transactions S.A, Greece.
Since June 2003 she is a Researcher in the ELTRUN e-Business Center of AUEB involved in the EU dissemination project eAWARe.
Mrs. Skoularidou is a member of the ACM, the IEEE Computer Society, and the Greek Computer Society. She has published a number of research papers in International Journals and Conferences and is also a Reviewer for professional submittals. Her research interests include: Information and Communication Systems Security, Network Security, Computer Security, Mobile Code Security, Application and Software Security, Security and Privacy in E-Business/E-Commerce, and Mobile and TV Commerce.


Journal Articles

    • Victoria Skoularidou and Diomidis Spinellis. Security architectures for network clients. Information Management and Computer Security, 11(2):84–91, 2003.

Conference Publications

    • Victoria Skoularidou and Diomidis Spinellis. Securing the network client. In Proceedings of the Third International Network Conference INC '02, 389–396. July 2002.
    • Theodoros Bozios, Georgios Lekakos, Victoria Skoularidou, and Konstantinos Chorianopouloss. Advanced techniques for personalized advertising in a digital tv environment: the imedia system. In Proceedings of the eBusiness and eWork Conference. 2001.

White Papers

    • M. Benou, V. Skoularidou, and D. Spinellis. Internet security guide. Technical Report WHP-2003-001, ELTRUN, 2003.

Working Papers

    • V. Skoularidou and D. Spinellis. Secure computing in untrustworthy environments: is the aspect-oriented programming paradigm a practical solution? WP 2003-008, Eltrun Working Paper Series, 2003.