The SNDS Project

Presenter: G. Xylomenos, Athens University of Economics and Business
Date: 19 January 2024


The Secure Named Data Sharing (SNDS) project, funded by the NGI Sargasso EU project, is building extensions to the Named-Data Networking (NDN) ICN architecture, to implement query-based content retrieval and fine-grained content storage and update operations. SNDS will provide decentralized content integrity and authenticity protections by leveraging Decentralized Identifiers, Verifiable Credentials and BBS+ digital signatures, a digital signature scheme that enables selective disclosure of data by supporting Zero-Knowledge Proofs. SNDS will allow large collections of content (for example, IoT sensor readings) to be queried using the NGSI-LD API, which supports queries based on content type and/or attribute values, translating them into NDN operations. Case studies for SNDS include Vehicular networks and Smart buildings.