Software Engineering Research at The University of Alberta

Presenter: Eleni Stroulia,
Date: 08 February 2017


My team investigates two types of problems, aiming first, to support software developers in their activities, and second, to design and develop software platforms to address specific service-delivery challenges in domains such as healthcare and education. In this seminar, I will report on three ongoing projects best exemplifying these two objectives. In the context of the SAVI project, we have been designing methods for supporting the migration of traditional relational web-based application to the cloud, in order to enable large-scale analytics. In the context of the LRA project, we are examining the use of linked-data formalisms to enable large-scale REST service federation. Finally, in the Smart-Condo project we are developing a hardware-software platform for unobtrusively recognizing the activities of people at home, in order to support the evaluation of their physical and cognitive function. We believe that the broad scope of our research agenda enriches the formulation of the technical problems we address and enhances the validity of our results.