SecOPERA — Secure OPen source softwarE and hardwaRe Adaptable framework

Funding Agency: EU H2020
Project type: RTD
Web site:
Starting date: 2023-01-01
Ending date: 2026-12-30
Total budget: 4,994,330 euros


SecOPERA aims to provide a one-stop hub for complex OSS/OSH solutions delivering to a connected device designer, implementer and operator as well as any open-source software/hardware developer, the means to analyse, assess, secure/harden and share open-source solutions as those are integrated in an overall complex product developed for a networked connected environment. The SecOPERA hub offers to the open-source community a framework supporting the open-source DevSecOps lifecycle and generates secure open-source solutions along with appropriate, verifiable security guarantees.


    • Athens University of Economics & Business (GR)
    • Technical University of Crete (GR)
    • THALES (FR)
    • University of Cyprus (CY)
    • Athena Research Center (GR)
    • Security Labs Consulting (IE)
    • Aegis (DE)
    • KTM (AUST)
    • Sphynx (SWTZ)


Conference Publications

    • Stefanos Chaliasos, Marcos Antonios Charalambous, Liyi Zhou, Rafaila Galanopoulou, Arthur Gervais, Dimitris Mitropoulos, and Ben Livshits. Smart contract and DeFi security tools: do they meet the needs of practitioners? In 45th International Conference on Software Engineering, ICSE '24. 2024. To appear.