myGrocer — Mobile Shopping of Electronically Referenced Grocery Products

Project Code: IST-2001-26239 (International)
Funding programme: IST
Funding Agency: European Commission
Project type: RTD
Web site:
Starting date: 2001-01-01
Ending date: 2002-12-01

Scientific coordinator: Dr. George Giaglis
Project manager: Dr. Panos Kourouthanassis
Contact: Dr. Panos Kourouthanassis


MyGROCER is a research project partially funded by the European Commission (IST Programme). The project spanned over two years (from January 2001 to November 2002) and exploited the potential of wireless technologies (namely Wireless LANs) and automatic product identification techniques (Radio Frequency identification, RF-id) to develop an innovative business and technological solution for the retail environment.

In effect, MyGROCER implemented and field-tested a new and integrated shopping scheme that supports the shopper throughout his/her entire supermarket visit by means of a prototype shopping cart capable to automatically scan supermarket products while at the same time provide valuable information to the shopper through a display device thus, create a fully interactive shopping trip. The use of the system by supermarket shoppers revealed that the new shopping scheme can provide a more entertaining and efficient shopping trip compared to the conventional way of shopping, and thus generate new shopping experiences.


    • Pouliadis Associates Corporation (GR)
    • Nokia Corporation (FIN)
    • Atlantic S.A. (GR)
    • Procter & Gamble Hellas S.A. (GR)
    • HUT (FIN)
    • Unisys Belgium (BE)