Maritime Analytics with Real-Time Big Ship Tracking Data

Presenter: Vasiliki Efstathiou
Date: 20 May 2021


Shipping has been the driving force of global trade for centuries. Today, it remains the major means of cargo transportation with almost 90% of the world’s goods estimated to be carried by sea. At the same time, shipping generates an enormous footprint of data that can unlock new possibilities for the maritime industry.

MarineTraffic is currently the world’s leading platform offering ship tracking services and actionable maritime intelligence. Research at MarineTraffic is a paradigm of an applied research initiative, aiming to bring tangible outcomes to the market. This talk will present the lab’s efforts towards building systems for situational awareness at sea globally, demonstrating cases where the need for maritime intelligence is evident. The presentation will focus on ways of harnessing earth observation, ship tracking and behavioural data and will outline challenges and research opportunities in the journey to maritime digitalisation.