Konstantinos Kravvaritis


E-mail: blueoly@gmail.com

Research area

Title: Data and Quality Metrics of System Configuration Code
Supervisor: Spinellis Diomidis
Starting date: 2018-07-13

Biographical Information

Konstantinos Kravvaritis holds a BSc from Department of Informatics and Telecommunications, National and Kapodistrian University and a Master Degree in Information Systems from the Department of Informatics, Athens University of Economics and Business.

His main research interests are: Software Engineering, Software Quality and Code Analysis.


Journal Articles

    • Zoe Kotti, Konstantinos Kravvaritis, Konstantina Dritsa, and Diomidis Spinellis. Standing on shoulders or feet? an extended study on the usage of the MSR data papers. Empirical Software Engineering, pages 1–35, July 2020.

Conference Publications

    • Diomidis Spinellis, Zoe Kotti, Konstantinos Kravvaritis, Georgios Theodorou, and Panos Louridas. A dataset of enterprise-driven open source software. In 17th International Conference on Mining Software Repositories, MSR '20. New York, NY, USA, October 2020. Association for Computing Machinery. To appear.
    • Dimitris Gavrilis, Vangelis Nomikos, Konstantinos Kravvaritis, Stavros Angelis, Christos Papatheodorou, and Panos Constantopoulos. More: A micro-service oriented aggregator. In Metadata and Semantics Research - 10th International Conference, MTSR 2016, Göttingen, Germany, November 22-25, 2016, Proceedings, 15–26. 2016.
    • Dimitris Gavrilis, Dimitra-Nefeli Makri, Leonidas Papachristopoulos, Stavros Angelis, Konstantinos Kravvaritis, Christos Papatheodorou, and Panos Constantopoulos. Measuring quality in metadata repositories. In Research and Advanced Technology for Digital Libraries - 19th International Conference on Theory and Practice of Digital Libraries, TPDL 2015, Poznań, Poland, September 14-18, 2015. Proceedings, 56–67. 2015.
    • Konstantinos Kravvaritis, Dimitris Mitropoulos, and Diomidis Spinellis. Cyberdiversity: measures and initial results. In 14th Panhellenic Conference on Informatics, PCI 2010, Tripoli, Greece, September 10-12, 2010, 135–140. 2010.