Keeping track of licenses

Presenter: Alexios Zavras
Date: 10 January 2018


Software nowadays is an amalgamation of numerous components; typical numbers show that every software product is mostly comprised of re-usable code like libraries, with only up to 20% of the code being specific to the product. Keeping track of all these components and their metadata, such as origin and licenses, is a significant problem that has to be solved by each and every software producer. The talk will discuss the need to keep accurate information on the components and present the attempts to solve the issue that are currently being designed and tried out in the industry. Questions and discussion are welcome and greatly appreciated!

Alexios Zavras (zvr) is the Senior Open Source Compliance Engineer of Intel Corp. He has been involved with Free and Open Source Software since 1983, and is an evangelist for all things Open. He has a PhD in Computer Science after having studied Electrical Engineering and Computer Science in Greece and the United States.