Introduction to the Research Conducted in the SerVal Research Team; Mutation Testing Advances

Presenter: Yves Le Traon and Mike Papadakis
Date: 23 October 2018


Mutation testing realises the idea of using artificial defects to support testing activities. Mutation is typically used as a way to evaluate the adequacy of test suites, to guide the generation of test cases and to support experimentation. Mutation has reached a maturity phase and gradually gains popularity both in academia and in industry. This talk will survey the advances related to the fundamental problems of mutation testing, will set out the challenges and open problems for the future development of the method and will present ongoing industrial projects using mutation testing.

Yves Le Traon is professor of Computer Science at University of Luxembourg, in the domain of software engineering, with a focus on software testing, and software security, and applications in the domains of mobile computing and sensor-based systems. He is head of the SerVal group (SEcurity, Reasoning and VALidation) of the Interdisciplinary Centre for Security, Reliability and Trust (SnT). His research interests include (1) innovative testing and debugging techniques, (2) mobile Android security using static code analysis, machine learning techniques and, (3) model-driven analytics with applications in the domains of IoT, smart grid, Fintech, Industry 4.0, and data-intensive systems in general.

Mike Papadakis is a research scientist at Luxembourg University's Interdisciplinary Centre for Security, Reliability and Trust