Georgios Liargkovas

Biographical Information

Georgios Liargkovas graduated with a Bachelor's Degree from the Department of Management Science & Technology at the Athens University of Economics and Business (AUEB). Currently, he delves deep into research spanning a variety of areas.

His prime research interests encompass:

  • Computer Systems, with a keen focus on operating system design and implementation, distributed systems, scheduling, concurrency, file systems, and kernel-level programming.

  • Empirical Software Engineering, particularly in the realms of software analytics and mining software repositories.

  • Programming Languages, where he has a growing interest in compilers and program analysis.

  • An emerging interest in Machine Learning, especially considering its potential synergy with the domains mentioned above.


Journal Articles

    • Georgios Liargkovas, Angeliki Papadopoulou, Zoe Kotti, and Diomidis Spinellis. Software engineering education knowledge versus industrial needs. IEEE Transactions on Education, 65(3):419–427, August 2022.

Conference Publications

    • Georgios Liargkovas, Konstantinos Kallas, Michael Greenberg, and Nikos Vasilakis. Executing shell scripts in the wrong order, correctly. In Proceedings of the 19th Workshop on Hot Topics in Operating Systems, HOTOS '23, 103–109. New York, NY, USA, 2023. Association for Computing Machinery.