Designite - A Software Design Quality Assessment Tool

Presenter: Tushar Sharma
Date: 07 March 2016


Poor design quality and huge technical debt are common issues perceived in real-life software projects. Design smells are indicators of poor design quality and the volume of design smells found could be treated as the design debt of the software system. The existing smell detection tools focus largely on implementation smells and do not reveal a comprehensive set of smells that arise at design level. In this talk, I present Designite - a software design quality assessment tool. It supports comprehensive design smells detection and provides a detailed metrics analysis. Further, it offers various features to help identify issues contributing to design debt and improve the design quality of the analyzed software system.

Tushar will present a corresponding paper at BRIDGE: First International Workshop on Bringing Architecture Design Thinking into Developers' Daily Activities (Bridge'16), which is co-located with the 38th International Conference on Software Engineering, May 14 - 22, 2016.