Data Management Innovation at Amazon Web Services

Presenter: Ippokratis Pandis, AWS
Date: 10 July 2024


Amazon Web Services is the largest provider of data management services in the world, even though it only started providing such services in 2011. In this talk we will try to explain some of the reasons behind this success. First we'll talk about the anatomy of a data management service in the cloud, and then we'll show that AWS is leading the way and constantly building on all layers of these systems.


Ippokratis Pandis is a VP/Distinguished Engineer at Amazon Web Services responsible for the technical direction of AWS’s Analytics and Relational services. Ippokratis spends a lot of his time in Amazon Redshift. Redshift is Amazon's enterprise cloud data warehouse service. Previously, Ippokratis has held positions as software engineer at Cloudera, where he worked on the Impala SQL-on-Hadoop query engine, and as member of the research staff at the IBM Almaden Research Center, where he worked on IBM DB2 BLU. Ippokratis received his PhD from the Electrical and Computer Engineering department at Carnegie Mellon University. He is the recipient of Best Demonstration awards at ICDE 2006 and SIGMOD 2011, and Test-of-Time award at EDBT 2019. He has served as PC chair of DaMoN 2014, DaMoN 2015, CloudDM 2016, HPTS 2019, ICDE Industrial 2022 and SIGMOD Industrial 2024, as well as General Chair of SIGMOD 2023 and the president of HPTS.