Aris Pattakos



Biographical Information

Aris Pattakos, an undergraduate student in the Management Science & Technology department of the Athens University of Economics and Business, is a software development enthusiast who is involved in projects relating to web development & data science.

He started learning how to code at a relatively young age by working on his own projects. A few months after he turned 18, the opportunity of working at a Greek web development agency appeared and he worked there for 6 months developing both in-house tools and client websites.

He is involved in Athens' startup community with the aim of contributing to Greece's tech scene and developing interesting projects. His main interests regarding software development are back-end development, data analysis and machine learning. Having started developing web applications from the age of 13, his main goal now is to expand his knowledge in new areas such as natural language processing, algorithmic trading and modern database engines and to get involved in open source software development.