AppStack: An Agile Platform for Running Digital Public Services

Presenter: Dimitris Mitropoulos, BALab
Date: 03 June 2024


From 2019 and onwards, the Greek National Infrastructures for Research and Technology (GRNET) is responsible for the development, operation and maintenance of several governmental services, thus playing an important role in Greece's digital transformation. To address the different challenges related to this role, GRNET teams developed AppStack, a cloud-native platform for running horizontal services such as the portal, the electronic issuance of documents signed by the Greek state, and gov wallet among others. AppStack comes with an enabling environment for integrating open-source software components. By taking advantage of this feature, DevOps can incorporate suitable tools to tackle scalability and security issues. Currently, AppStack hosts workloads that serve more than 8 million Greek citizens, are able to handle more than 20K requests per second, and can generate hundreds of digital documents signed by the Greek state per second. In this talk we will present AppStack and highlight the significance of its different components through a number of use cases. Finally, we will describe some key experiences from production.